GLYTCH Custom and small-batch electronics gadgets and gizmos
for the arcade, amusement, and automation industries

Products currently available

Coin Counter
Change price on games that don't have their own functions to do so. This device counts the coins/credits inserted and then sends a different number of pulses to the game. Can be set to any number from 1 to 8 coins per output pulse.

Dave's Board
Allow one payment device to be applied to four games or a single multi-player game.

History Monitor
Sort of a digital coin counter -- records events for games at foreign locations, useful for verifying honesty of third parties having access to game internals.

Goldzone Speed Variator
The game "Gold Zone" by Benchmark has a weakness -- players simply master the timing and then win the bonus almost every time. This device connects to the stepper driver inside the game and changes the speed of the rotating tables every time a bonus is won. Speed change is gradual and generally not noticeable to customers, but it surely affects their timing!

SkeeBall Configurator
In some cases, the BTG version of Skeeball Classic fails to save its configuration information. This board resets and reconfigures the game every time the power is turned on. Multiple of these boards can also be linked, allowing one set of configuration data to be relayed to multiple games, so if you have 16 of them you only need to configure one and those settings will affect all of them.


Support is available via email: ... on extremely strict email providers, our replies sometimes land in the spam folder, so remember to keep a watch out for it.

Ordering stuff

At this time, we are not a large company with a storefront. eMailing us is the best way to get the process started, Be sure to include your phone number.

Why can't I call you?

At this time, this is entirely a side project. I'm not cranking out enough of these for it to be my primary source of income. I have two full-time jobs. I am a computer network administrator from 9am to 5pm and then I work as a mechanic at a local arcade from 6pm until close. Both jobs allow me the flexibility to reach out to you, but neither is really conducive to carrying my phone around with me and waiting for potential customers to call. I've chosen instead to provide the email address,, which does go to my phone, and which will be seen whenever I have the chance to get back to my desk or the shop. I will, if the situation warrants, call you at a phone number you provide in the email - I have nothing against telephone communication, it's just simply not a reliable way to reach me, given my other commitments.